Saturday, October 13, 2007

9 Weeks

The past three weeks have been quite challenging. I have experienced "morning sickness" all day and night. It has been a struggle to find any food that I am able to keep down. Once I find something, I am hungry in a matter of minutes. These babies are united in "sucking" the life right out of me. Again... a sign of great days ahead! However, it will all be worth it in a matter of months.

Yesterday, we had our 9 week ultrasound and all babies are developing on target. We were able to hear the 3 heartbeats for the first time and this was powerful! The babies were provided labels of Baby A, Baby B and Baby C.

Baby A is 2.62 cm and had 170 beats per minute (bpm). Baby A was also active while we were looking at him/her and we could see the little arms moving.

Baby B is 2.42 cm and had 164 bpm.

Baby C is 2.48 cm and had 164 bpm.

Our appointment started with our Doctor indicating that we were helping him make news. He proceeded to tell us that a triplet pregnancy resulting from the transfer of frozen embryos is literally unheard of. Apparently the success rate of becoming pregnant from a frozen cycle is low and then to have 3 of our 4 transferred embryos develop into pregnancies is even more unbelievable. He indicated that there is a 6% chance of triplets during a fresh IVF cycle but a less than 1% chance of this happening from a frozen cycle. He also indicated that not all centers cryo-preserve the embryos that are unused during a fresh IVF cycle. I hope this experience along with some other success stories will help other centers explore this option because without it, we would not have been able to afford another full IVF cycle. Without the cryo-preservation of embryos, we might not have been able to experience a pregnancy. We knew this experience was rare but did not realize just how lucky we were…I mean are. We return for another appointment in 2 weeks and look forward to seeing the babies continue to develop!

Take care,