Saturday, July 30, 2011

We Have Swimmers!

The boys completed 2 weeks of official swim lessons but were still not 'swimming.' We decided to continue their lessons with Coach Christian. For the past two weeks, he has been doing private lessons with the boys one on one. The first week, he worked with Wesley and then Andrew during the second week. During Andrew's week, there were two cancellations due to rain so there was a make-up class on Saturday. I was happy about this because I was finally able to see one of the private lessons and see how the boys were progressing on their swimming.

Coach Christian is so great with the boys. He is cool, calm, laid back but authoritative at the same time. They are all responding so well and really enjoy their time with Coach Christian. It's also important to note that Coach Christian also likes working with the boys and seems to enjoy his time with them as much as the boys do. This fun combination is working!

The following is a little video from Andrew's session today.

A little more of the same thing...

Here is what it looks like from underwater....

I was amazed to see Andrew's progress. While the boys are having their individual sessions, the other two are practicing their skills and they are growing more and more confident and are actually swimming longer and longer distances. Jared has not had an opportunity to work with Coach Christian but has the most natural comfort in the water. Jared has very peaceful movements around the water and enjoys the quiet that comes from being still under the water. His movements are smooth and he almost too calm at times. My heart stopped a few times when I look up to see Jared completely still and floating face down in the water.

Here is some video of Wes and Jared practicing their cannonballs and then swimming to the stairs. Jared has even started diving head first into the water without any instruction!

The boys really loved showing off their skills and swimming to me then to the stairs then to me and then to the stairs... over and over again. They are turning into little fish...

This has been such a fun summer spending time at the pool with the boys! I can't believe we are already approaching August and the time when the pool hours start to decrease because of school. This is also our last August when we are not thinking about school preparation. The boys are going to have a busy fall even without any school to worry about. We are doing Gymnastics, Musikgarten (drop-off class, yay!) and SOCCER!!! I am very excited about our first team sporting adventure. We dropped off our registration forms yesterday and are crossing our fingers that we are on the same team with our buddy Cal.

I think this brings the blog up to date on our swimming progress. I am so proud of my little swimmers and how far they have come over this summer! Great job boys!

Take care,