Saturday, November 3, 2007

11 Weeks

Greetings! Last week on 10/26/07, we had the 11 week ultrasound with Dr. Duffy. It was our last visit to the Florida Institute for Reproductive Medicine in Jacksonville. It was a very big milestone for us. We have been hoping for the day we were transferred to our primary OB/GYN because we had a healthy pregnancy, but saying good-bye to Dr. Duffy was a little emotional. I remember the day when Mike and I first sat in his office in February and he was full of excitement and optimism. After a short conversation he said, "let's do it" and we were at the beginning of this great journey!!!

During our 9 week post, I relayed the rarity of a triplet pregnancy resulting from a frozen transfer but skipped a few points in our journey that resulted in the frozen embryos. After this February visit with Dr. Duffy, we started the Invito Fertilization process which started with me taking birth control for one month. Yes, we also thought this was a funny way to start. Once this month was complete, we started my fertility injections to mass produce eggs during one cycle. Once the eggs were "ready" they were retrieved and fertilized with Mike's little swimmers (also obtained through a surgical procedure). This resulted in 12 fertilized and viable embryos. A few days later, 3 of these embryos were transferred into me and the other 9 were frozen. Well, during this "fresh" cycle we were unsuccessful and did not get pregnant. We waited a few months and then returned to attempt a "frozen" cycle with some of the frozen embryos. At this point, they thawed 6 embryos and 4 survived. We transferred all 4 and here we are with our "Three Little Eskimos" (endearingly named by Aunt Sue due to their 4 frozen months). If you are keeping track, this means we have 3 remaining frozen embryos in storage.

Now let's get to the 11 week update. All Little Eskimos are doing well and continue to develop on target. Grandma Sally was present for the ultrasound and was able to see the Three Little Eskimos in all their glory! The babies were again active with Baby B showing the most life bouncing all around. This was so cute that I began to laugh. At this moment, Dr. Duffy said "Momma needs to behave." After making a couple comments, Grandma Sally apologized but apparently... I was the Momma that needed to behave as my laughter was making the ultrasound a little difficult.... oops, I'm sorry! Here are the photos:

Baby A measured in at 4.82cm and had 158 beats per minute (bpm). Baby A was the most photogenic of the day actually starting to look like a baby.

Baby B measured 4.83cm and had 160 bpm. Baby B was our little bouncer during this ultrasound and would not sit still for the photo.

Baby C measured 4.28 cm and had 160 bpm.

It was exciting to see all three remain on target through this visit. However, after this visit, we had a little scare. Early Tuesday morning, I woke up with some bleeding. I checked many discussion boards and felt ok to return to sleep. When I awoke in the morning, there was more and I placed a call to the Dr's office here in Tallahassee. They asked me to come in right away for another ultrasound. During this ultrasound I was again relieved to see three healthy babies with strong heartbeats. It appears that Baby A's placenta is partially covering my cervix which can cause irritation and bleeding. Later in the pregnancy this would be diagnosed as Placenta Previa but at this point, there is no diagnosis as the uterus will continue to expand and this will probably resolve itself.

I am starting to feel a little bit better as I have good days and bad days. This is better than all bad days! My next appointment is my orientation here in Tallahassee on Wednesday 11/7/07. With a follow-up visit the Doctor and ultrasound on 11/13/07.

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