Sunday, October 7, 2012

Team Darnell on Wheels!

We took the boys to the skating rink today. We were not sure what to expect but the boys had a great time!

They did not have anything for the boys to use while learning so Daddy and I were their assistance. Daddy was able to help with two of the boys while I helped the third.

They did great! Wes was super confident and was the first to 'let go' and skate on his own. He would use the wall for his aide and slowly became more and more confident.

Andrew was the next to let go and skate. Jared was doing really well but didn't want to let go. Shortly before leaving, he was skating on his own. There were a few falls but the boys were quick to get right back up and try it again.

The skating rink did the traditional Hokey Pokey, limbo and races. When it came time for limbo, Wes wanted to give it a try. He made it through the first round. On the second round, he dropped to his knees and crawled under... he was out! But, he had fun and was really proud.

When we were leaving, the boys did not want to leave. The quotes upon leaving were "that was awesome," "that was the greatest day" and "I want to go back 100 times."

Needless to say, we will be back! We stopped for ice cream on our way home. It was another wonderful day with the our little family.

A video of Wes (he was fine after the fall) and some pics from today:

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Rocking Soccer!

The boys rocked it out at soccer this morning!