Saturday, November 17, 2007

14 Weeks

This week was a very busy week for Mama and the three little Eskimos. In addition to the two doctor visits, we also attended a conference in Jacksonville. It was very nice to visit with old friends but we just do not have the energy of years past.

Our two doctor visits were with Dr. Dixon and Dr. Hume. Throughout the remainder of the pregnancy, we will be co-managed by Dr. Dixon as our OB/GYN and Dr. Hume/Dr. Willis as the Maternal-Fetal Specialists. The easiest way to describe this is that Dr. Dixon is my doctor and Dr. Hume/Dr. Willis are the babies' doctors. When I visit with Dr. Dixon, he will focus on my health throughout the pregnancy (in addition to the babies) and Dr. Hume/Dr. Willis will focus on the health of the babies. The result of both visits this week, we are all doing well.

During both visits we had ultrasounds (#6 & #7 to date). These babies should be very use to having their photos taken by the time they are born. As you can tell in the photos, they are becoming much more photogenic (ie. looking like babies). I inquired about the sex of the babies and the ultrasound tech at our first visit really tried to detect the anatomy of these babies. While we were told not to run out to purchase anything, she was able to give us a good idea about Baby B and Baby C. See below.....
Baby B - I currently look like a ...... BOY!!! I am located on my mother's left side. I am developing on target and per Dr. Hume, I have a skull and 4 limbs... yipee!!!

Baby C - I also currently look like a ...... BOY!!! I am on my mother's right side. I am also developing on target and per Dr. Hume, I also have a skull and 4 limbs... yipee!!!

Now...... BABY A.....

Baby A - I am developing on target. Per Dr. Hume, I also have a skull and 4 limbs. I have been given the label of Baby "A" as I am closest to the cervix (ie. first in line at the exit.). I am in the center below Baby B and Baby C. I am also the one already causing my mother trouble due to the potential placenta previa (which is still present). As you can see from my photo, I was taking a nap during this visit and really did not want to awaken to participate in some silly hunt for my anatomy. I refused to cooperate and therefore the tech was unable to wager a guess regarding my sex. My mother, based on all the available information, seems to think that I must be a ... GIRL!

While the idea of there being 2 boys and a 1 girl in our little trio is very exciting, we refuse to get too excited until this information is confirmed at our next visits. Our next visit with Dr. Dixon is Friday, 12/7 (17 weeks) and Dr. Hume/Dr. Willis is Friday, 12/14 (18 weeks). During both of these visits, we should be able to get a better idea regarding the sex of the three little Eskimos. While we (mainly me) are excited about the idea of there being two boys in the bunch, the most exciting news of the weeks was that all babies had skulls, 4 limbs and looked very health so far. I also learned that tall women have a better chance at carrying multiples longer. At 6 feet tall, I am ready for this first challenge of raising triplets!

I am feeling a little better these days. Dr. Dixon has provided me some medication that appears to be helping.

I wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving!!!

Take care,


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