Friday, September 21, 2007

6 Weeks

6 Weeks

One little, two little, three little....... Darnells!

This morning, Team Darnell had a big day. At our Week 6 ultrasound, the Doctor led Mike and I through a "count the circles" activity. Dr. Duffy proceeds to tell us that each circle represents a pregnancy and after a couple seconds, he asks "now, how many circles do you see?" Mike responds, very matter of factly.... three. It is a fact, we are pregnant with triplets. We have spent the remainder of the day sharing our news with family and friends. I have never heard so many "oh mys" in one day! In the ultrasound photos the dark areas are the babies. They all appeared the same size and just as healthy as the large circle in the upper right. They were just a little resistent to all being in the same photo. I am sure this is a glimpse of fun times ahead.

As soon as we left the office, Mike asks me "Do you ever do anything half-ass?" Really, it's just not my style. I have been feeling well so far with most of the typical pregnancy symptoms, heightened sense of smell, nausea and fatigue. I am sure it will only get better from here. If we were to carry to full term, the due date would be approximately May 13th. With triplets however, we are looking forward to April babies.

Our next visit to the Dr. is in three weeks. We plan to utilize this blog as a way for friends and family to keep up to date on our progress. Please continue to send your positive thoughts our way!

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  1. OK, I am already in love! If anyone can handle triplets is you!
    Go Team Darnell! - Maria

  2. Hi - My name is Linnie and I'm a friend of Peggy's. Congradulations and save up your energy.

    Best wishs Linnie

  3. This is Linnie again. Sounds like things are going yaw's way. I admire you girl. You are really going to have your hands full but sounds like yaw are up for the challenge.

  4. lucky that you have muscled enought to push that baby buggy


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