Sunday, May 16, 2010

The Tire Swing

On this afternoon, we decided to take the boys swimming at the neighborhood pool once they woke up from their nap. We were mentally prepared for this activity and once the boys woke up, we went through the process of getting everyone dressed, lotioned up and packed the supplies and boys in the car. The second we were starting to close the doors, we heard the sound of distant thunder. We proceeded to the pool only to arrive as soon as they made the decision to close the pool.. ugh!

Well, the afternoon was not lost. We headed home to swim in our 'kiddie' pool. The rain did not come until much later so we were able to have fun outside. While we were outside, we finally put the boys on the strange contraption that was always hanging from the bottom of their swing set. The boys learned quickly that this thing is a lot of fun. This thing is the tire swing.

Before now, the boys were not able to hold themselves on the swing without us holding them tightly. Now, they are strong enough and aware enough to hold on while the swing is in motion. Another benefit of having two brothers the same age is there are enough kids to fill out the swing... .
Love the feet shots!
We also took some video of the boys enjoying the swing! They are still so interested in what is happening that they are focused on the swinging action. At the start of the video, you can hear Wesley make an "I'm cold" shivering sound. This is a good time to point out that he is always cold! Since he was an infant, he would chatter his teeth during and after bath and during clothing changes. He is tall and slim. We keep telling him to put a little meat on his bones he will warm up... but, he is still chilly!

After our afternoon outside, we headed in to watch a little bit of our favorite movie Madagascar. When the boys watch TV or watch a movie, they ask to have their legs covered by a blanket. We started this during the winter and they have kept this tradition going. They will even grab the blanket and cover each other up. I should also point out our 'tough guy' Wesley and his new companion. This is the teddy bear that he caught in the Mardi Gras parade in Louisiana. Well, he now has to have 'Teddy' with him everywhere he goes...

Another great afternoon with the boys!

Take care,

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