Friday, June 25, 2010

2 Year Well Child Check-up

(This activity occurred on April 15, 2010. I will leave this as a new post for a few days. After that, I will move it back in time to the date it originally occurred. Yep, I am trying to catch up... again.)

Another birthday is a milestone that is marked with a trip to our pediatrician! On one hand, trips to the doctor are getting easier but on the other hand, the trip is still challenging. It is much easier to get everyone in and out of the office but the boys are so curious that it is always a challenge to keep them tearing the office up while waiting for Dr. Bunnell. One would think the office would be baby proofed but nope, it is not!
Daddy breaks out an Elmo's World video on his phone to keep the boys attention for a few moments...
The boys were all given a clean bill of health. We were able to bring Dr. Bunnell up to speed with our activities with Jared over the past couple of months. He gave Jared a few instructions that he followed with ease and actually Wes and Andrew did not respond as well. Dr. Bunnell found that interesting... in a funny kind of way. He did not express any concerns for Jared and said that a recent study showed that a large percentage of the children diagnosed on the Autism Spectrum when tested at the age of 4 were no longer testing on the spectrum. He said that this brings up the question as to whether treatment works OR if there are a percentage of children that just develop at a different pace and are just fine! With that, he also said that the First Words program is focused on identifying Autism. With all that said, he does not have concerns about Jared having Autism.

After Dr. Bunnell spent some time checking out all of the boys, it was time for their shots. Each of the boys received two shots. The boys did well and were quick to recover after their shots. Here is Jared after he received his shots (please note Daddy demonstrating great empathy for Baby J)...
Daddy was able to quickly distract Jared from what just happened and he was all smiles a few seconds later...
The fun of going to the pediatrician is getting our updated 'official' stats. I am always curious about how the boys are growing so I enjoy getting the updated data. Here we go...

Height - 36.25" - 91st Percentile
Weight - 29lbs 6oz - 65th Percentile

Height - 36.25" - 91st Percentile
Weight - 30lb 6oz - 75th Percentile

Height - 36.5" - 93rd Percentile
Weight - 26lb 12oz - 35th Percentile

No surprises that they are still on track to be tall. However, the weights were shocking. I could NOT believe that Jared weighs the most. Andrew is so very SOLID that I was confident he weighed the most. We had them weigh Jared twice to make sure. Apparently, milk weighs a lot and Jared drinks a lot of milk. It was not surprising that Wes was the skinny one of the bunch but the fact that there is now a 3.5lb difference between Jared and Wes was a bit of a surprise. Wes is the tallest and skinniest...serious bean pole!!

After our doctor's appointment, we had a little time before our Musik class. We took the boys to Chick-fil-a to play in the play area for a little while. After the boys played, we headed over to our music class. Here are a few pictures from this morning's musik class. We enjoy Musik class quite a bit...

We had a good morning and now the boys do not have to visit the doctor until their 3 year well child check. The only thing that would bring us to the Dr. before then would be an illness. So, let's hope we don't see Dr. Bunnell for another year!

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