Sunday, January 15, 2012

A Bath Time Update

In February 2009, we were able to give the boys a bath in the big tub at the same time.   It was a fun experience and little did I know the amount of fun we would have in that bathroom.    Over the past three years, we have experienced some of our greatest moments of laughter as well as our most intense moments of frustration.    From about age 2.5 until they turned 3, the boys were maniacs in the tub!   They would splash and splash and did I mention... splash?    Well, we survived and with some maturity came a renewed calm in the bath tub.    While the boys can still get a little splash crazy, they know that splashing will end their bath time for the night.   

Since it had been a while since I took any pictures, I broke out the camera tonight.   I fear that the days of all three boys bathing together may be coming to a close.   You will see why in a moment.    I know I say this all the time but, I swear it was yesterday when I took this picture.... 
And now, I see these big boy faces looking back at me in the tub...  
 This picture shows why I think their days of sharing one tub may be coming to a close...
 However, they L-O-V-E bath time!   They ask for a bath and now easily head to the bathroom after dinner for their bath.  
 They are such big boys, they are able to draw their own bath, with perfect temperature for the drawer.   Andrew likes it a little warmer than Wes and Jared is right in the middle.   If we attempt to skip a bath one night, we are bound to encounter at least one fit!
 They are growing up so very, very fast...
 Love, love, love these moments with them...

Take care, 


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