Friday, March 14, 2008

31 Weeks

Good news.... we have made it to the 31 week mark!!! Here is an updated photo of my growth. For all of those interested, as of 31 weeks, I have gained 30 pounds.

We had our follow visits with the doctors today. The first visit started with the Maternal-Fetal Specialists to evaluate the eskimos. During the visit, they completed a bio-physical profile through an ultrasound. The test consisted of monitoring all three boys to observe their behavior, their breathing and the flow in and out of the umbilical cords. All boys look healthy and no concerns were noted during this appointment. They did not determine their weight during this visit. I will return next week for another bio-physical profile and the week following (3/28), they will check growth and let us if the boys are still growing.

After this visit, we proceeded downstairs to Dr. Dixon's (OB/GYN) office. We needed this follow up because during my visit last week, my blood pressure was elevated and there was trace proteins in my urine. In my update last week, I indicated my blood pressure was 112/96. I need to correct this as she told me today that last week it was actually 112/90. Today, they checked my urine and blood pressure again. At this point, there was more protein in my urine and my blood pressure was still elevated 121/93. When we saw Dr. Dixon, he indicated that it appears I am probably starting to show signs of mild preeclampsia (additional info at He sent me to triage at labor and delivery for some additional tests. During these tests, they monitored my blood pressure for about 3 hours, took another urine sample and took a blood sample to evaluate my liver. The tests revealed my liver is fine but I do have protein in my urine and my blood pressure remained elevated for the entire time I was there. The nurse told me that with great reluctance, Dr. Dixon approved my discharge but ordered "strict bed rest." This means I am only able to get up to use the bathroom and to get something to eat. He also ordered for me to collect my urine for the next 24 hours and return the jug to the hospital tomorrow. I have a follow-up in his office on Monday at lunch time to evaluate the results.

He was not 100% but indicated the mild preeclampsia is possibly the cause of the slow down in the growth of the babies. So, I am now laying down and Mike is doing a wonderful job taking care of all of us. I should also mention the support I am receiving from my current babies. Chewie, as seen below, apparently believes he can help me by trying to hatch the babies:

Many have asked if Chewie is ready for the new babies.... I am not so convinced that he will be ready for what is too come.... however, who is???

Well, this is our 31 week update and I will keep everyone up dated as we will be having more frequent visits from now until we have babies!!!

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