Friday, March 21, 2008

32 Weeks

Reaching the 32nd week is a great milestone with triplets. It is the average mark for when triplets are delivered. This week started with a follow-up visit with Dr. Dixon. At this appointment, I received the results of the 24 urine test that we did over the weekend. My protein levels were within normal limits. At my appointment on Monday, there were also only trace amounts of protein in my urine. My blood pressure remained elevated (124/100) and I was allowed to go back home still on bed rest.

My next appointment was the weekly bio-physical profiles for the babies. This appointment was today and the babies are doing well, no concerns noted. However, due to mama's hypertension, they checked my blood pressure. Alas, my blood pressure was elevated. The doctor checked it twice and the first result was 148/108. The second result was 146/89. At that point, the decision was made to admit me to the hospital for observation.

So far, they have checked my blood pressure twice and my second check was 131/79. Hopefully this is a good sign and they will release me before the end of the weekend to cook these babies a little longer at home. I was given a steroid shot today and will get another one tomorrow to help the babies lung development in case they are arrive sooner than expected.

The hospital has internet access so I am hooked up to communicate to the outside world!

I hope everyone has a Happy Easter and I hope the Easter Bunny knows how to find me here!

Take care,


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