Saturday, January 2, 2010

Swing Away Baby J... Swing Away!

The boys received a few baseball sets for Christmas. This has tuned out to be a really good thing because we love the bat from one and the tee from another. Together, these make the perfect set. Each of the boys has started learning how to connect the bat to the ball. Andrew and Wes will hit straight down on the ball. Jared has grasped the concept of hitting the ball from the side. To know Jared is to know that he is a very gentle sole! He has carried this into his style of hitting. I am sure that once say he will be a power house at the plate but until then, I love these powerful swings!

Note: Please excuse the shaky camera action. Frick and Frack had artistic difference on the appropriate camera angle. As such, the each tried to wrangle the camera away from me. I was able to shake them off long enough to get some footage. At the end, I also included a little footage of why some of our pictures have smudges!!!

Swing away Baby J, Swing away!!

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