Friday, January 1, 2010

2009 - A Year in Review

I borrowed this idea from another blogger because I thought it was a wonderful way to look back over the past 12 months. It is just a quick recap of all that 2009 brought to our family; because of course, there was so much more...

I did this post to summarize the year 2008 and decided to continue the tradition for 2009. There is way too much to contain in one post, so I created links to the archives. Just click on the months listed above each picture if you would like to peruse the stories of the past year and see what excitement 2009 brought to our family.

This year started with three babies and somewhere along the way the babies turned into little boys. At the start of the year, they were crawling and learning to pull themselves up. It concluded with boys that are running, jumping, climbing and starting to talk. We had a great year traveling with the boys, celebrating our first birthday and having Daddy take on the new role of becoming a Stay as Home Dad. We expanded our play area from a contained section of the family room to having free roam of the kitchen, hallway and a new play room. In addition, we learned to love our backyard and are now starting to use our swing set to it's full potential. We also experienced great loss during 2009 and the boys have already attended far too many funerals so early in their life.

Our blog was neglected during the later half of 2009. At times, I was two months behind in posting stories on our blog. For those loyal followers, I apologize. As of this post, all of the stories for 2009 have been written and published. I encourage you to access the links in this post to read about our adventures in October, November and December. Even though the date of the post shows the date the event occurred, many of these posts were written within a couple days prior to this post.

My new year's resolution includes keeping the blog up to date! I can not promise immediate stories but I will not let this blog fall months behind again!

With that said, we are ready and excited for the new stories and experiences that 2010 will bring!

Happy New Year and Take care,

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  1. I followed here from WTE multiples board... I always look forward to reading your posts, your boys are so handsome and have grown so much over the past year!


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