Friday, November 26, 2010

Visit with Santa and Mrs. Claus - 2010

I can't believe it is this time of year again; however, it is. We celebrated a wonderful Thanksgiving yesterday. Today, we loaded up and headed over to the Brandon Town Center to visit with Santa and Mrs. Claus. The boys are finally starting to understand who Santa is and they were excited about an opportunity to meet him. This worried me a little bit because I thought they may be a little resistant to meet the great Santa in person.

We arrived and there was one family in front of us in line. The boys waited patiently and when it was our turn, they were in awe but did NOT got to go near Santa. We were very lucky that there was no other family in line because the boys had time to warm up to Santa and Mrs. Claus. With the assistance of time, candy canes and Ms. Kristen (Santa's Elf), we were able to become friends with Santa and Mrs. Claus. Andrew was comfortable sitting with Mrs. Claus but was still not in the mood to smile. Jared did not want to sit on their laps but was willing to stand in front.

Once we had the picture and the boys climbed down, everyone returned willingly to give Santa and Mrs. Claus hugs. Wes even managed to tell Santa what he wanted for Christmas... "toys." I love easy to meet expectations. Santa also loved the boys' shirts which say "Dear Santa, I can explain..." Another Santa photo experience success! Thank you boys!

Click here to see the picture from 2009 which also links to the photo from 2008.
We are officially ready for the Holiday season!!

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