Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Visit(s) with Santa 2009

It's that time again! It's time for our second picture with Santa Claus. In an effort to get our picture taken before Thanksgiving to avoid the lines, we decided to try and take our picture at home with the Tallahassee Santa. The weekend before Thanksgiving, we loaded up the boys and headed down to Governor's Square mall.

Things started off well as there was no line and we got right in to visit with our local Santa. I proceed to place Wesley on Santa's right knee, Andrew on his left knee and then stood in front of Santa pondering where to place sweet Jared. Well, it took me a second to figure it out and then I tried to have him stand in between Santa's legs. I am not sure what actually caused his reaction but Jared FLIPPED OUT!!! He started crying and thrashing about. I comforted him and then tried again with Jared standing behind Santa on the chair... NOPE! We tried giving him things to distract him and he started to throw everything we handed him and he may have even hit Santa. Did I give up... no! I must completely torture my children for just one photo. Maybe he just needed a minute....

At this point there was another family waiting. We let them go ahead for their time with Santa and we waited. Santa's helper offered the boys stuffed animals to comfort them. Once the other family was done, we were trying again. This time we tried sitting the boys in the chair and Santa standing behind the chair... no go. Wesley and Andrew were now tired of this activity and did not want to sit still. With much reluctance, I submitted to my husband's pleas to end this public torture of our children. We loaded up the boys in the stroller without any photos being taken and were ready to roll out of the mall. Before we left the Santa area, the helper came over to whisper to me that the stuffed animals she had handed my three toddlers were not free. I then had to take the stuffed animals from each of the boys and hand them back to her because I was not in the mood to buy anything after admitting defeat. It was at this moment that Wesley began to cry. I could hear his thoughts... "Mom, I sat there patiently while Jared was have a fit and I don't even get this stuffed animal? Seriously?" That's right Wesley... I am one mean Mommy!

I was depressed and thought that I would not get a Santa photo this year. On the drive back to the house, we agree that we would try back near my Mom's house where we such success the year before with Santa and Mrs. Claus. We planned to arrive early enough on Wednesday to try prior to Thanksgiving. Well, this did not work. Was I (oops, we) going to get our picture??? Hope was fading...

As Mike was taking Veronica home on Saturday, I had one last opportunity. Grandma agreed to help me take the boys down to the mall for our second attempt. We stood in line very anxious yet slightly hopeful. It worked last year, come on... it can work again! We waited for about 15 minutes and then it was our turn. Jared was the first one out of the stroller and without any hesitation, I hand him over to Mrs. Claus and......... he was so happy!!!! Apparently, he remembered the connection that he made with Mrs. Claus last year and if she was not going to be in the picture, he was NOT taking one. Click here to read about our visit last year. I then hand over Andrew and Wesley to Santa. Here are the results....
While we were unable to get a smile out of Wes or Andrew, I love the picture because of the story behind it, Jared's face looks so pleased as if to say "Much better" and that no one is crying!!! I was so excited to get a picture of the boys with Santa! Needless to say, I believe we have solidified our tradition of visiting Santa and Mrs. Claus at the Brandon Town Center.

One more thing... When I was picking the boys up to put them in the stroller, Mrs. Claus asked if they had visited them last year and I replied yes. She said that she remembered Jared and the boys. See, the connection is special.... magical!

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  1. Great picture, actually it is priceless! And to be honest, I'm impressed that only one of your boys had an issue with Santa. All thre of mine loved him last year and despised him this year...

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