Friday, December 18, 2009

Babies Have Some New Pairs of Shoes!

It is winter time here in Florida. The boys never wear shoes when we are at home. As it is winter, we started discussing the need to get some house shoes for the boys to wear. We have purchased two different pairs of shoes this season. One of these pairs of shoes where picked out by Mommy and one pair was selected by Daddy. See if you can guess which ones I picked and which ones Daddy picked.

Here is the first option. These shoes are cute little monkey faces...
The second pair are Buzz Lightyear slippers that are really more than just shoes. They also double as really neat toys. I could show a picture but these shoes are really best in action...

So, what do you think? If you credited me with the monkey shoes and Daddy with the light up shoes, you are right! Also, as Daddy is the primary caretaker of the boys during the week, the Buzz Lightyear shoes are getting a lot of wear. Daddy has even asked if these shoes come in a size 13 Wide. Could you even imagine Daddy jumping up and down with his light up shoes?!?

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