Thursday, December 10, 2009

Boys 1, Lamps 0

I have written in the past about how the end tables are our in house nemesis. The boys need constant reminders that the end tables are not places to play and the lamp shades are not their personal punching bags. Regardless of the number of reminders, the boys have still made it their personal mission to take out the lamps. After today, they are a little closer to their goal...
Wes officially receives the credit for issuing the blow that "broke the camel's back." However, all of the boys should receive equal credit or blame for wearing down her defenses to Wes could take that final swing at her.

This event took place while I was at work. I received a text from Daddy that said, "I am currently picking up pieces of the lamp." I thought to myself, Daddy must be really upset. Surprisingly when I arrived home, there was a look of relief on Daddy's face and he was not upset at all. He later told me that he felt somewhat happy to see the lamp fall victim to the boys.

Daddy has always wanted to remove the tables and lamps due to the trouble we have with them. On the other hand, I have always wanted to leave them because the boys must learn to live in a world with furniture. Today, the furniture load in our home got a little lighter with the loss of this lamp. I am starting to wonder if Daddy actually encouraged the lamp's demise or staged the scene and blamed it on the boys???? Hmmmmm??

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