Saturday, December 26, 2009

Andrew's Outing

Exhale... we made it through Christmas! While Christmas may be over, we still have some holiday celebrations to experience. After breakfast this morning, Daddy took off to pick up Veronica. Before he hit the road, Uncle Lance and Aunt Kim arrived to hang out with the boys. They decided that since they had some time before Daddy returned, it was FINALLY Andrew's turn to spend some time alone with them! Back in June, Jared and Wes each had an opportunity to go to the mall with Uncle Lance and Aunt Kim. There were a few promises to Andrew that he would get his time and that time is now! I got him dressed, got a small diaper bag together and he was off to the Brandon Town Center!

While he was gone, Grandma and I spent some very quiet time with Wes and Jared. As soon as Andrew was gone, the boys were very calm and very quiet. Makes ya wonder???

I went upstairs to pack up our things and Grandma was watching the boys. After a few minutes, Grandma called to me and this was the sight when I looked over the loft...
Grandma had these two chairs for my niece and nephew who are college age now. She has wanted to bring them out but two chairs and three boys does not make for a good combination (which was confirmed upon Andrew's return). The guys were so calm and just sat in these chairs for the longest time watching TV...
Eventually, Wes decided he preferred Grandma's lap to the chair but Jared remained in his seat...
It was interesting to watch them get into the chair. Since most all furniture is larger than they are, the always have to climb onto chairs. They could not know to back up into a chair at their height so they would climb into the chair. After a while, they started to back up into them but it took a while to get the hang of it.

As stated earlier, Grandma has been reluctant to bring them out with all three boys there. When Uncle Lance, Aunt Kim and Andrew returned, we learned that Grandma was right. Jared and Wes were sitting in their chairs and Andrew did not have a chair. He eventually laid on the floor beside Jared and put his feet on the chair. After a couple minutes he kicked his legs and kicked the chair over dumping Jared out. With Jared out and crying, Andrew claimed his seat. Well, I guess we will not see these chairs for a while... at least until we can find a third.

When Daddy and Veronica arrived, we loaded up the truck and headed back to Tallahassee. The boys slept for a majority of the trip. When they woke up we stopped and ate dinner at Sonny's. We were about 2 hours from the house when we stopped to eat dinner. After dinner, the boys were not happy about still being in the truck and expressed this unhappiness for the remainder of the drive home... ugh!

However, we finally made it home! It looks like Santa did visit our Tallahassee home. Tomorrow when we wake up, it looks like we have another Christmas morning coming!

Take care,

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