Saturday, December 5, 2009

Mommy and Jared's Mega Tower!

Today Jared and I spent most of the day building, tearing down and rebuilding. With three toddlers, building something that stays constructed for any length of time is quite a challenge.

What started out as playing with mega bloks because a mission. Jared and I sat on the floor and started putting pieces together and building up and up and up. Every so often, Andrew and Wes would join us to build but mostly to tear down or in the case of Wesley... totally destroy all progress! We were not distracted, we just started over again.

We would get about 50% of the bloks up and then it would come crashing down (with Wes' help of course). Once we got to about 75% of the bloks, I was completely committed to putting together a structure with all of the mega blocks that we own. By the end of the day, we accomplished our goal!

It was fun to work with Jared to build this structure. I must confess that when we got to about 95% complete, I moved the structure to the top of the kitchen counter to collect up the last set of pieces. I was worried that without my direct supervision and protection, Wild Wes would destroy all of our hard work.
We have a lot of mega bloks sets on our Christmas list. I wonder if we will be able to accomplish this goal again after Christmas?

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