Sunday, December 13, 2009

Local Multiples Group Christmas Party

We have been trying to attend one of the local Multiples Group events for a few months. We were all set and ready to attend the Halloween event until we received last minute notice that Mike was having surgery on his hand on that morning. As such, we had to cancel our participation at the last minute.

So, when it was time for the Christmas party, we were going to make it! The event was originally planned for an outdoor venue at Maclay Gardens. It rained for the majority of the day so we were not surprised to receive a last minute notice that the location had changed to the restaurant that was catering the event. We loaded up the family and headed over to the restaurant only to find out it was closed. What?!? It appeared that forces beyond our control were keeping us from attending one of these events.

There was a small sign on a pole outside the restaurant that said that their other location was still open. We called the other location and they confirmed this is where the party was being held. Please know that the original location we drove to was the address provided in our last minute notice. We took the 15 minute trip to the other side of town and finally were arriving at our first PRSM (Parent's Raising Sensational Multiples) event!

There were several families there but I am sure the attendance was impacted by the weather and location challenges. However, we sat at the table with Margie (my mentor mom) and her family. The boys were well behaved but the table was covered with paper which was a lot of fun for Wes to rip up!!

Once we were done eating, a gentleman arrived letting everyone know that Santa really wanted to stop by and visit the group but he had something unexpected come up and was unable to attend the party. However, he had left a bag of toys for all of the good boys and girls! They passed out toys and each of the boys had a gift from Santa in the bag...
Mommy helping Jared open his gift, an Ambulance that actually has a siren and lights...
Sensing a theme, here is Andrew with his Police car fully equipped with siren and lights...
Last but not least, Wes with his firetruck again with a fully functioning siren and lights...
Once we had all three of the rescue vehicles out of their packaging, the boys quickly learned how to push the button activating the siren. The other kids at the party were interested in their trucks but I bet the other parents were not so happy. Seriously Santa, three trucks with sirens (loud ones I might add)... what were you thinking?!?!

Once home, I was hoping I could get a group picture of all the boys in their cute outfits... aren't they just adorable... if I do say so myself...
The boys had other things to do than sit still for a photo. Wesley had to turn on the Christmas tree lights. The lights are magically activated by three waves of the hand and the count of ONE-TWO-THREE or three grunts in a row. And no, Daddy does not help with a remote in his pocket (wink!)...
Once he had the Christmas tree lights on, Wes had to check out what was on the kitchen counter. Please note his technique of extending his reach. He uses that tiny lip on the cabinet to pull up on the counter. (This is one of those sigh moments.)
Jared was busy turning on and off the hallway lights. Yep, the boys can reach the light switches without any assistance. Earlier in the week, they could only turn things on. By the end of the week, they grew a little more and were able to pull the switch back down as well.
And then, before anyone was able to change clothes for the evening, we worked to get just one picture of the boys. This is the best of the bunch! Wes was in such a hyper mood that he would not sit still but we were able to catch a brief second of him with Andrew and Jared before he was back on the run.. .
It was exciting to finally make it to an event with the local group. I have previously had many dinners with the local group of Triplet Moms but this is the first event with the multiples group. I hope to make it to a few more events where we can actually visit with some of the other families a little more and see the boys play with some other multiples children.

We had a good time and we have the three new rescue vehicles (with sirens) to remember the event! Yeah!

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