Thursday, November 24, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving - 2011

Happy Thanksgiving from Team Darnell!!

We had Thanksgiving dinner at Grandma's house and were able to play with our favorite cousins. We missed Uncle Lance, Aunt Kim, Aunt Joan and Pooka. However, the house was still full, the food was wonderful and we had a day full of thanks.

After Thanksgiving was complete, Daddy and I headed out to partake in the Black Friday (actually Thursday) craziness. We had so much fun, again! We were also able to get everything we set out to obtain. It's going to be a fun Christmas this year as the boys actually have wish lists and a certain set of things that they actually hope Santa brings for them. We are taking those wish lists to Santa and Mrs. Claus tomorrow morning.

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  1. Love the new picture of the boys. It's always so fun to see how much they are growing and changing so quickly. The girls are going to be lining up at your door for those 3.


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