Saturday, November 5, 2011

Saturday Morning Bike Races

On the boy's 2nd Birthday, they received their Little Tikes bikes (aka. their motorcycles). They have used them in our backyard for a while and over the past several months, the boys have really been riding faster and faster. Our backyard has a small patio and the boys ride end to end on the patio but do not have a lot of space to 'open her up.'

Daddy had a wonderful idea to take the boys over to the neighborhood pool's parking lot to ride. Now that fall is upon us, the pool is closed so we assumed the parking lot would be empty. Daddy was right!

Daddy parked the truck at the entrance of the parking lot, set up two chairs for us to sit back and the boys rode and rode! It was fun to watch them ride and as an added bonus, they really wore themselves out. The following video is a little longer than usual but it was such a fun morning, I wanted to have these memories. Enjoy...

In the video, the boys are riding and at one moment, Andrew returns on foot... huh? He had "parked" his bike. Once he gave Wes the idea, Wes parked his bike and started running. Before we moved away from the parking lot, Wes had run over a dozen laps; my Energizer Bunny!

Daddy even joined in on the racing fun and took a lap to race the boys...

After a while, we decided to move over to the gazebo area. The boys would race from one end of the area to the other and back. I was sitting up on a bar area while taking the video.

I sure hope Santa knows that the boys have just about out grown these toddler bikes and are ready for some 'big boy' bikes, with helmets! I know that they should have probably had on helmets for this morning's fun but we actually don't have them since they have only been riding in the back yard... yep, bad parents! Hopefully Santa knows better!

Another fun day for Team Darnell!

Take care,

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