Tuesday, April 1, 2008

34 Weeks - Team Darnell Arrives!!!

The great day we have all been waiting for has finally arrived. Around 10pm last night, I started feeling bad, I can't explain it but I was just feeling bad. When they came in to take my vitals around 11pm, my blood pressure had spiked and it was enough to call the doctor. They immediately put the babies on a monitor and the babies were also starting to show signs that the time had finally arrived. I immediately called Papa Darnell and I was prepped for delivery. Then at 1:46, 1:47 and 1:48 am, the Darnell boys were brought into the world.

The boys were all evaluated in the NICU, they are all healthy and currently doing extremely well. I am recovering and ecstatic about being a new mother. Mike and I spent the remainder of the evening resting and we hope that the boys will be moved to the well nursery later today. Until then, we are enjoying the time to rest here in the room.

There is only one thing that is causing us a little concern at this point. The doctor's in the delivery room were a little quiet as the boys were delivered and we heard a lot of whispering. Neither of us are too sure what they were whispering about and they did not tell us. Mike spoke with Dr. Dixon this morning and Dr. Dixon is recommending some additional tests on the boys, one to include DNA. We are a little confused as to why they would recommend this test to us. Maybe it is some sort of cruel April Fool's joke. The boys are so beautiful and we are still trying to figure out if they look more like Mike or me. Please let us know what you think......

Baby A

Baby B

Baby C

Hopefully everyone has a good sense of humor and understand that this post is in honor of April Fool's Day and these babies, though all beautiful, are not members of Team Darnell. Ha! Ha!

I am still very pregnant (no joke) and the new recruits have not yet arrived. They do not appear to be in any hurry to enter this world. As of today, we have made it to 34 weeks and we are still in the hospital. All of my tests show that I am very stable and my blood pressure is quite normal while I am here in the hospital (ie. 120/66). They boys are monitored every morning and are doing very well. Dr. Dixon indicated during his last visit with me that we are still targeting the 37 week (April 22nd) mark unless there is maternal or fetal distress prior to that point. So, we actually might make it all the way to 37 weeks, 3 weeks from today! However, I am still taking it one week at a time. Now that we have made it to 34 weeks, our next goal is 35 weeks.

I hope everyone has a great April Fool's Day!!!

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