Tuesday, April 8, 2008

35 Weeks

Well, what can I say.... we are 35 weeks along and still pregnant. This is our 10th day in the hospital for this stay and can anyone say "stir crazy?" Physically, I am doing well. My blood pressure has remained within normal limits and all other tests continue to be normal as well. Dr. Dixon just visited and said we are still in a "sit and wait" pattern. The Maternal-Fetal Specialist will visit me on Thursday and he indicated we will do lab work at the same time to see if anything has changed. There was a day last week in which my blood pressure started to gradually increase over the day but it was back to normal by the next morning. So physically, there are no signs that would point to delivery at this point. I guess this is a good thing???

On Sunday, my close friend, Maria Leon decided my hospital room needed a little face lift. She has created a tropical paradise here in room 367. The main wall that I stare at all day has been transformed into a beach scene and a palm tree has been hung on the door. Since that time, Mike and the nurses have gotten into the spirit. The nurses created a sun to shine brightly on the beach scene. In addition, the palm tree now has a monkey with his bananas hanging out in the tree. During Mike's visit last night, he added a cut out of Chewie and Murray to the beach. He also added a picture of his floating head to the sun. I don't have my camera here right now but I will take pictures and post as it has brought me laughter over the past couple days.

The nurses continue to make predictions that I will deliver sometime this week. I have not had a growth check on the boys in over a week but based on my assessment, they are getting bigger. I am not sure how much bigger I can get at this point! It is getting harder and harder to walk and move around. It is probably a good thing that the most movement I do is back and forth to the bathroom. We plan on getting one more picture of my belly prior to delivery.

Well, I don't have much more to report today as we are just in a waiting pattern. On the far side, we are just 14 days from arrival (April 22nd) however it could still be sooner.

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