Friday, April 11, 2008

35 Weeks & 3 Days

.... and still pregnant!

It's another week down here in the hospital. The week has been relatively uneventful and there have been no significant developments in our situation that would push us to waiver off of the 37 week target. At this point we are at 11 days and counting!!! It seems like a long time from now but tomorrow will be 10 days and then we are really in the home stretch to a healthy delivery!

Physically, my blood pressure and tests have been fine over the past week. The struggle at this piont remains to be with the fluid retention that I am experiencing. I have gained 15 pounds in the two weeks I have been here in the hospital and it is all related to fluid retention.... I am swelling like a big water balloon at this point. I have achieved something that I thought was previously impossible; I have been drinking too much water. My body has become overwhelmed by the water and is struggling to process all of it. I was recently put on fluid restriction. Has anyone ever heard of a pregnant woman being told to drink less water?? It gets better. My sodium levels are low so I have been encouraged to increase my salt intake. Again, has anyone ever heard of a pregnant woman being encouraged to eat more salt?? It's like the twilight zone here in the hospital.

The maternal-fetal specialist was in to evaluate the boys yesterday and all are still doing very well and I am still not having any signs of pre-term labor. I have not had one contraction or braxton hicks contraction at this point. Again, something unheard of for a triplet pregnancy. These boys appear to be really happy where they are and are in no hurry to enter this world. I hope this is a sign of how cooperative and compliant they will be in their early days!!!

Now, let's chat about my mental state. There were some low points during this week as I was experiencing some pain from the weight gain and I was really ready to hear that they were going to deliver. Each day without that decision was harder and harder. At this point, with the maternal-fetal specialist telling me that we are going to get to 37 weeks, I have resigned myself to the fact that this date will not change. This has really helped my psyche.

In addition, who could remain down in the dumps when I am living in a tropical paradise? As mentioned in my prior post, a close friend decorated the room like the tropics. Here are the pictures of my view:

It is like the great equalizer beach! Please note that Chewie and Murray are the same size, which cracks me up. By the way, this banner is about 8 feet long and 4 feet tall. It covers most of the wall in front of me.

This is the sun that shines over the beach! When I look at this, I want to sing "You are my sunshine, my only sunshine." Could he look any happier????

This is the palm tree that hangs on the door and that creature in the tree is a monkey with bananas added by Nurse Debbie.

The last thing that is helping to improve my mental state is my decision (made today) to break out of the joint!! Yes, that is right!! Mike and I are planning my big escape for tomorrow. Don't worry, his idea was to tie sheets together and shimmy down from the third floor window (let's all just imagine that image for a moment). But, I have decided to roll right out of the front door and dare them to stop me! What is so important that I need to break out of the hospital and risk my health and the health of my unborn children you ask? The answer ... to get my nails done, of course. I have been here for two weeks now and with an additional two weeks before the babies arrive, I am facing some gnarly nails if there is not an immediate intervention. I have searched high and low for a technician that is willing to come to the hospital but no such luck. So, I asked for a day pass from Dr. Dixon today and he was just not able to approve it. However, he mentioned that I am the boss so if I want to assume the risk and discharge myself against medical advice (AMA) and then readmit a few hours later, there is nothing they can do to stop me. He is just worried that I return with a blood pressure through the roof and it pushes their hand to do an emergency delivery. The nurses are very supportive of my adventure and they think everything will be fine. So, let's all cross our fingers and hope for a smooth adventure and really pretty nails! And yes, there will be a pedicure as well. I also think this will really help me recharge and then have the mental capacity to make it 10 more days.

I think I have brought everyone up to speed at this point. I hope everyone is doing well and we are all in the home stretch now! We will have babies in just 11 short days!

Take care,


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