Thursday, October 16, 2008

6 Month Check-up

The boys had their 6 month check-up today and survived yet another round of vaccinations. We were at the office for over 2 hours during what is typically our nap time. The boys got a little fussy at different times but overall, they were wonderful!

All three boys continue their climb up the growth charts! All three are between the 60th and 68th percentile for height. Jared remains the big guy at 18+ lbs and Wesley is still the peanut at 16+ lbs. The greatest difference between the boys is the head circumference difference between Jared and Andrew. Jared is in the 75th percentile and Andrew is in the 10th percentile. The nurse actually double checked Jared's measurements while she was writing them down. Once she confirmed the size, she mentioned how his head is just like his Daddy's (ha, ha).

Our updated stats are:

Weight - 17lbs 2oz - 45th percentile
Height - 26.75" - 60th percentile
Head Circumference - 42 cm - 10th percentile

Weight - 18lbs 3oz - 65th percentile
Height - 27" - 68th percentile
Head Circumference - 44.6cm - 75th percentile

Weight - 16lbs 2oz - 25th percentile
Height - 26.75" - 60th percentile
Head Circumference - 42.8cm - 25th percentile

All three boys are developmentally on target. The only concern noted at the appointment was the continuing mystery of the missing testicle. Yes, that is right.... our testicle count only reached 5, one short of 6 pack! The doc decided to "get the ball rolling" and make a referral to a pediatric urologist and to obtain an ultrasound to initiate our hunt for the missing testicle. The doc has told us that he will not be any "less of a man" with only one but if the other one is in there, we may have to get it removed. I am not going to waste energy worrying about it at this time. It may take us a couple months to get in with the urologist and if the do find it in there, they will not want to take any action until after he is a year old. If surgery is needed, that is when I will start to worry! Our next check-up is at 9 vaccinations at this appointment... yeah!

While waiting for the doc, the boys were quite playful.

Here are the three boys "peacefully" waiting for the doctor...

They look so sweet until Jared and Wesley proceed to attack Andrew from either side....

Don't worry, Andrew fights back....

Raising boys is so much fun!

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