Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Belly up to the bar boys!

It's official, our home has completely transformed into a daycare facility with the arrival of our most recent purchase. As the boys have entered the world of solid food, we needed a means with which to feed them. Until this point, we have been feeding them in their bouncy seats with the feeder sitting on the floor. Well...... our new dinner table has arrived!!!
The table was ordered from a school supply store and so far, we all love it! The seats can hold up to 55lbs so we hope to use the table for quite a while. It is a very sturdy piece of furniture that we can use for feeding as well as activities with the boys. The boys still have some growing to do to be fully sturdy in the seats but with some rolled up receiving blankets, they are sturdy enough to enjoy their meals.

We would like to send a big thanks to Grandma Peggy and Maria & Mark Leon who each sponsored a seat at the dinner table. Maria.... this pics for you....
The boys are doing really well with food. They are eating rice and oatmeal and this past weekend, we started veggies. Our first attempt was with peas. Andrew loved the peas, Jared tolerated the peas and Wesley HATED the peas! His face shriveled up as he spit out the peas. He began to hold up his hands and shake angrily as I tried to get the spoon to his mouth. I would switch back to a bite of oatmeal and once I finally got the spoon through his arm barricade, he would continue eating. I would then sneak in a bite of peas and he would get mad at me. I had my first conversation with the boys that we will not be serving to individual tastes at meal time. If we are serving peas for dinner, everyone gets peas. If you don't eat your peas, you don't get dessert :-) As you can see by the picture below, Wesley tried to convince me he ate his peas by smearing them all over his face.

I have read that when introducing a new food, you need to try it 10 times before writing it off as a food the child does not like. Well, on day 4 of peas, Wesley gave up and started eating his peas!!! We have introduced squash and everyone has given them a thumbs up!!!

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