Saturday, October 3, 2009

Temper Tantrum vs. Hiccups

As the boys are approaching 18 months, the symbol of approaching 2 is definitely appearing.... temper tantrums! The boys are starting to get frustrated when things do not go exactly their way. Andrew is, by far, the most dramatic and intentional with his tantrums. His favorite move is a full arch of his back into almost a complete back bend. You can clearly tell the difference between his real cry when he is hurt and the cry of his dramatic expression.

We are doing our best to ignore the boys when they have their baby fits so that they all do not learn the way to get our attention is thrashing about. Tonight, Andrew was having a fit for an unknown reason. What made this fit blog-able was the pesky hiccups that definitely interfered with his performance. It is very hard to convince your parents that you are experiencing great trauma when a hiccup creeps up. As the fits do not last long, I was only able to grab the camera and catch a few seconds of the temper tantrum vs. hiccup moment. Oh and as you will see in the video, these moments end as quickly as they begin. Enjoy.....

This gave us a good laugh! Hopefully Andrew will see the entertainment value in this moment one day as well.

Take care,


  1. Hi dad,
    You have done a great job with the videos of the kids. I can't wate ontil
    the next time you put in new videos.

    Veronica :)

  2. hi dad!
    I would love to see/talk to you .
    if you can i would love to talk to you tomaro.



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