Monday, October 5, 2009

Sweet Baby J

Our Sweet Baby J!!

Each of the boys has their very own distinct personality that makes them unique. Jared is by far the quiet one of the bunch. He is very happy playing by himself. He really enjoys building with blocks and trying to figure out anything mechanical. He also has an amazing attention span. Andrew will play with something for two minutes and then need to move onto something else. Jared can play with something for 30 minutes to 45 minutes easy. He is so quiet that I sometimes worry that he does not get the attention that his brothers get because Andrew and Wesley are "in your face" kind of kids.

Jared's new favorite game is "Where's Jared?" When he is playing quietly, we will glance over and see that he has both of his hands over his eyes. With a prompt, "Where's Jared" he will "reappear" and laugh. We often wonder how long he had been sitting with his eyes covered.... He will also peek out between his fingers to see if you are looking. I can already see this cute toddler game turning into a different game when he is a little older and we really can not find him because he likes to be alone.

When he wakes up in the morning or from nap, he will lay in his crib quietly without making any noises. The second Andrew or Wes wakes, we know it! But Jared, he will just lay in the quiet. We nicknamed him "the Baby" which turned into "Baby J" because he was the smallest of our trio at birth and was so tiny compared to his brothers. He continues to be our "Sweet Baby J."
Here is a little video that shows a typical Jared type moment. In this video, Andrew and Wes are playing in the living room and Jared is no where to be found. I find him playing with a sock and shoe in the boys' play room. He was trying to get this sock into the shoe for a very LONG time (in toddler time)...

Jared is definitely very quiet and enjoys playing alone. However, he also gets his feelings hurt the easiest. If he is playing with something and one of his brothers come up and take it away from him... watch out!!! No matter the severity of the offense, it all seems like he end of the world to Jared.

Jared - we sure do love you... just the way you are!!!

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