Monday, November 9, 2009

Family Fun

I usually post about milestones or special family events. However, our life is full of so many simple moments that are equally as special. It's these simple moments that I truly cherish. In these moments, we are a family! We are together and we laugh.

The following are a few moments that I have captured recently that I wanted to share. The first video is a game that Daddy started to play with Jared and then Wes and Drew joined into the fun. I love these giggles...

We also like to spend time in the boys new playroom. We have two beds in the room that function as trampolines for the boys. The other fun activity for the boys is to turn the light on and off. There is nothing overly exciting about this video but it is another one of those simple times together as a family that I cherish...

Again, these moments are some of our simple times just hanging out together. Nothing exciting, nothing flashy but these times are very special to me.

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