Monday, June 13, 2011

Cracking the 'Water' code!

At dinner, we have started allowing the boys to prepare their own cup of ice and water. This is allowed if they choose water over milk for dinner. Tonight, Jared wanted a second cup of water but the water dispenser on the fridge was already locked. There are many reasons why we did not unlock the water and permit the second cup. However, all three of the boys got into the act of helping Jared crack the code and get to his water. The team of safe crackers were unsuccessful tonight but, the do not seem far from stumbling upon the method to unlock the water and ice.

Andrew spent the most time trying to get the water working. In the video, you will actually hear him recognize the letters W-A-T-E-R and confirm the button he is touching is water. However, still no luck! Maybe the water is just sleeping? I love how their little minds work...

Jared also tried to gently coax the water out of the fridge. In addition to spelling and confirming the water button, Jared also recognizes I-C-E as the ice button.

Wes applied minimal effort to this activity. He didn't want more water anyway....

Things are sure going to get messy when they figure out the secret. I enjoyed watching them work at solving this problem and their ability to limit their frustration when their efforts were not successful.

The action of pointing out letters and then running their finger across the word as if they were reading is something that is happening more and more. In these videos, they actually spelled and then announced the right word. However, most of the time, they are spelling accurately but not getting the word correct. A few funny examples....

I have a Dell computer. Yesterday, Andrew pointed to the letters, D-E-L-L and then ran his finger across the word as if reading and said "Mommy's Computer." Also yesterday, Jared pointed to the letters on his shirt that read Pro. He said, P-R-O and then read the word as "Shirt." On their bathroom stool, we have our last name, Darnell. Andrew read the letters, D-A-R-N-E-L-L and then read this as "Stool."

It won't be long...

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