Thursday, June 30, 2011

Loosing control?

This morning, I was heading out of the door on my way to work when I realized my purse was in the bedroom. I headed back into the house to retrieve my purse from the bedroom. As I was walking into the room, I was followed by two little ducklings.... Andrew and Wesley. Andrew snuck into the room before I closed the door but Wes was trapped on the outside. I was only going to be in the room for a second to grab my purse.

While in the room, Wes began yelling through the door "Andrew, open the door." He said it multiple times.

I looked at Andrew and told him that we would be leaving in a second and he should not open the door.

Then again, Wes yelled from the other side "Andrew, open the door." Andrew began to move towards the door and I reiterated by saying, "I said do not open that door."

Andrew's reply, in his oh so sweet and innocent way was... "but, Wessie said open the door."

I then asked Andrew, "If I tell you something and Wes tells you something different, who do you listen to?"

Andrew paused for a few seconds and I could tell he was thinking hard about the right answer. Then, he provided his response .... "Wes?"

Oh no my darling, I told Andrew that he always listens to Mommy or Daddy over Wes. Wesley is not in control of this house.... or is he???? Sigh....

Take care,

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