Friday, September 5, 2008

Dinner with the boys!

The boys have been sleeping less during each of their naps and we decided that is was time to begin the transition from three naps to two naps during the day. With this move, there was a larger gap between their "dinner" bottle and their "bedtime" bottle. This large gap left us facing something I have been a little nervous about.... eating a meal not delivered via a bottle.

So, we did it! After much preparation, the boys were stripped down to their diapers and while secured to their bouncers, I delivered the first few bites a cereal via a spoon. The boys were a little unsure of what in the world I was doing to them but overall I call the first attempt a success. I was expecting a very large mess and was surprised at how little mess we actually made. I am sure the day will come where meals look like an all out food war has taken place but that day was not today. I thought I would include some before and after shots of the boys.

Andrew was very concerned throughout the meal. With each bite that was delivered, he was very unsure of this delivery method for his food. The expressions on his face were just priceless. It was like he as thinking... "but Mom, what is wrong with the bottle, it works just fine." He got a little tired or frustrated during the meal and spent the remainder of the meal sitting in my lap as I continued to feed Jared and Wesley.

Jared was a trooper during the meal. When I first presented him with a spoon, he readily opened his mouth like he had been waiting for this day for a while. I am not surprised that Jared would excel at eating as he has always been our bottle champ! Once he starts a bottle, he continues until complete without coming up for a breath. We call him "the machine" when it comes to eating his bottles and this continued over to his first meal via a spoon. You can also see that he found the cereal "finger lickin' good." He followed each bite with a little bite of his hands just to make sure he got it all. Don't tell him that he missed quite a bit on his cheeks!

Wesley was also a champ during his first meal. After the first few bites, he also caught on and was able to take the spoon with minimal difficulty. I am not sure he realized this activity was to receive nutrition and not play time. After a few minutes, he began to play "motor boat" after each bite and then giggle as he sprayed it everywhere. I know this is not appropriate meal time behavior but I could not help but laugh each time he did this. I would laugh and then tell him in a "stern" Motherly tone that this is not polite to do with our food. I am not sure this had much impact as it was said after I already indicated I was amused my his comedy routine. We will have plenty of time to learn manners at a later date.

I give the boys all passing grades on this first meal and I also give myself a passing grade. However, there is room for improvement for all of us. I made way too much cereal and was a bit messy with my delivery style. As we continue to practice our eating, we will all get better. I look forward to tomorrow night and then onto the day that we introduce something other than cereal.

Watch out veggies.... here we come!

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