Monday, September 1, 2008

We are ready for some FOOTBALL!

With the pre-season drawing to a close, the boys (and their mother) are ready for their first footbabll season. With all of the pre-season games occuring near or following our bedtime, the boys have not been able to watch more than a kick-off or two. With a special thanks to Grandma Sally however, the boys are more than ready to welcome in the regular season and cheer on their favorite Tampa Bay Buccaneers!!! The boys will be decked out in Bucs onesies, with Bucs bottles in hand and Andrew's Bucs pacifier in his mouth.

So, when the regular season kick-off occurs against our division (and family) rivals, the New Orleans Saints...... the boys will be hanging out with their mother chanting "De-fense... De-fense...De-fense.... GO PEWTER POWER!!!" With these new biggest little fans behind them, the Buccaneers are sure to start off this memorable season with a big win.... sorry Saints fans!!!

TAM-PA.....BAY......GO BUCS!!

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