Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Mothers of Triplets Night Out (MOTNO)

A couple months ago, I introduced myself on a discussion forum through the Triplet Connection. This is an online community of triplet parents that discuss everything regarding their trips and more. Through this introduction, I met Elizabeth, a very nice woman that had previously lived in Tallahassee. She told me about a group of mothers of triplets that get together for dinner every other month. She was able to get me in contact with Julia who coordinates the outings.

Tonight was the first dinner that I was able to attend. Mike was willing to put the boys to bed all on his own so I was able to go straight to the dinner after work. At 7:00pm, I arrived at Chez Pierre and met up with the other mothers. By the end of the night, there were 10 of us that had arrived at some point to enjoy dinner. The ages of the children ranged from almost 5 months (my crew) to almost 10 years old. The children closest in age to my crew are 11 months old.

The group discussed our children, sleeping patterns, school, Halloween costumes, birthday parties, laughed and shared a lot of pictures. It was wonderful to share stories with a group of women who have walked in my shoes and are still going strong with very beautiful children. I mostly listened as they discussed the return to school and the different perspectives of keeping the children together in class or seperating them. I learned quickly that having the support of these women will really be great as the boys get older. The connection was instant because we all share a common experience.

I really enjoyed meeting Julia, Lisa, Gina, Vicky, Betty, Melissa, Margie, Joanna and Abby! I look forward to many more dinners together as my children grow and I reach out for support from those who have been there. Our next MOTNO is November 4th.

One common response that I would get as I would relay that my boys are 5 months old was..... "it will get better." I am loving being the parent of triplets so far so I can't wait for it to get even better :-)

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