Sunday, August 31, 2008

20 Weeks & Other Milestones

The boys continue to grow bigger and stronger every day. They are reaching their milestones so very fast.

The boys have all reached the milestone of rolling over from their bellies to their backs. Each one of them is soooo close to also rolling from their backs to their bellies. They will get all the way up onto their side and then just teeter there while we all just cheer for gravity to help out and pull them the rest of the way. Within a few short days I bet we will be able to roll all the way over. This will be very helpful because the rolling over while sleeping is not that much fun anymore. The boys can flip to their backs but then need our help to get back on their tummies to sleep. We are all looking forward to this new skill!!

The boys have recently fallen in love!! They have fallen in love with their own reflections. Each could spend quite a bit of time just staring at those handsome reflections in the mirror. I have to admit that I could also stare at their little faces for hours!

The best milestone that the boys have reached over the past couple weeks is the discovery of each other. When the boys shared a crib, we would find them cuddling up to each other. However, since that time, there was very little acknowledgement of each other. The boys have recently started showing signs that they acknowledge each other and are excited to see each other! Andrew was the first one to really "look" at his brothers. In this picture (on the left) Andrew was actually looking at Jared, "talking" to him and when he reached out for his foot.... my eyes filled with tears. It was so amazing to watch them discover each other and I can't wait to watch their relationship grow as they grow older. It took a little while before Jared or Wesley actually looked back. Now, the boys light up when they see each other. They enjoy "talking" and they smile when they play together. In these pictures you can see Andrew and Wesley on their boppys looking at each other and reaching for each other. Then you can see Jared and Wesley in the Activity Gym holding hands. They were holding hands for a while..... long enough for us to look for the camera and take a picture.

The next great milestone we plan to tackle is the ability to sit. The boys are practicing and getting better each and every day. When we had our professional pics at 3 months, we set their appointment for their 6 month photos. The photographer, Ms. Dina, told us that we need to be sitting by six months. She said this in a very stern way so we must be able to sit by 6 months. Each time we practice, I tell the boys that "Ms. Dina said you need to be sitting by 6 months." They seem energized by this challenge!

The last major milestone we have reached as a family is eliminating the tracking and charting of daily activities! Since the boys were born and brought into our room at the hospital, we have been charting each feeding, each wet diaper and each soiled diaper. While many of you may chuckle about me tracking everything, it really was necessary for a while. Try to imagine working on little sleep and trying to remember how much each child has eaten or how many diapers you have changed.... it was not easy. Also, when we had shifts here to care for the kids, it was an essential tool to hand off responsibility and know who was scheduled to eat next and when. Charting became a habit and a safety blanket for us. On August 18th, we tracked our last meal and diaper change!! It was a big moment for us. Yes... this means we wrote everything (well almost everything) down for over 4 months!!!

I think this brings us up to date on the major milestones we have accomplished over the past month. I hope everyone is doing well.

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