Wednesday, August 6, 2008

The Boys Meet Two of The Girls

When the Three Little Eskimos were born, they were the newest recruits added to the already existing Team Darnell! We have been working to get the new recruits together with the existing team members and were finally successful (5 of 6 Darnells together). The boys were very excited to finally meet two of their three older sisters, Mandy and Veronica. The girls were with us for a short visit (too short in our opinion) but enjoyed their time with their brothers. Both girls were eager to jump right in and get to know their little brothers. In the pictures, you can see Veronica being a very sweet caregiver cuddeling and feeding the boys.

Mandy was wonderful helping get all the boys ready for bed by giving their nightly massage and dressing them in their jammies. We still look forward to getting all 6 of the Team Darnell members together.

Breana we can't wait to spend time with you!!

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