Tuesday, September 8, 2009

First Words

It's exciting times! The boys are actually starting to say some real words. I bet it will not be long before we are longing for the days when they were not saying any words but until that day, woo hoo... we are starting to talk.

Wes was the first to really start saying an actual word other than Ma-ma-ma or Da-da-da. He made is mother so very proud by saying "Ball" as his first word. It almost brings a tear to my eye.

Andrew was the next one to spout an official 'first word.' He was probably saying this word before we actually realized what he was saying. We started to notice that he would notice Chewie, our Yorkie, he would make the sound of "shu." I started to think he may be trying to say "Chewie." How exciting to see he was going to say "Chewie" as his first word. Well, after paying a little closer attention, I realized the truth of the matter. His first word was actually "HUSH." Seriously, hush???? How much do we really say this that he picks it up as his first word????

When the dogs bark, we issue a gentle "hush, Chewie" or "hush, Murray" or a general "hush." It's not an angry "hush" but still a "hush." Well, our responsible eldest male, decided to step up and help us issue these directives at appropriate times. When Chewie barks, he runs to the gate to Chewie's room (aka. the living room) and proceeds to tell him to "ha-shhhhh."

I have tried to catch video of him issuing his edict but I have not been very successful. Here is a little video with two clips. In the first clip, he hears Chewie bark and I catch him running to the gate and if you listen closely, you can hear the soft... "haaa-shhh." In the second clip, he says it at the start and then I beg for him to say it again but no luck. Enjoy....

I am so proud! During our efforts to get Andrew to say "haa-shhh" on video, I accidentally caught a hysterical moment. Let me set the scene. My mom is visiting and we had just arrived home from dinner at Sonny's. We are all working to get Andrew to say "haa-shh" on video. This involved several of us (mostly me) barking like a dog in the hopes that he would issue a "ha-sh" to me. Well, while trying to do this, the video was running. In the following video, you can see the challenge we were having with Andrew and then see how Wesley decided to jump into the act and help out...

Jared is still the strong silent type but I am sure he will be telling his brothers to be quiet very soon!

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