Monday, September 7, 2009


Before the boys were born, Kellie and I discussed how they would address her mother as they got older.  What we came up with was "Grandmama" as a joke and it has stuck.  I believe it was said it in a stuffy British accent.  So Grandmama came for a visit this weekend, and of course we took lots of photos.

We wanted to take the boys back to the big park since we had two extra hands.  It was easier last time because they were in a state of shock and didn't move around too much.  Jared didn't move at all and I ended up carrying him the whole time.  So we assigned Grandmama to Jared, thinking that he wouldn't be too hard to follow.  He ended up running around more than anyone.  Poor Wesley had gotten some suntan lotion in his eye, so we cut our trip short.

Anxiously waiting for the gate to open.

Jared and Grandmama at the park.

Team Darnell invades the playground!

"Walky Mouse" is a game that Grandmama plays with the boys.  Using only two fingers, she will send the boys into giggling fits.  Just saying the words "walky mouse" is rewarded with laughter and smiles.
Walky Mouse is gonna get you!

Andrew is helplessly pinned on the couch.

Wesley saves the day!

Jared flips the cushion looking for the elusive mouse.

We finally finished painting the boys room, and it was time to move them out of the nursery.  So while Daddy was moving cribs and furniture, everyone else went outside for some fun in the sun.  Daddy opened the bedroom window which attracted the boys like moths to a flame.  Of course we had the camera ready.
Jared's curiosity got the best of him.

Nice hair, kiddo.

Kilgore was here.

"Excuse me, is this where we rent the surfboards?"

Andrew and Wes at the activity table.

The following evening we all went out to dinner at Sonny's BBQ.  The boys have been pretty good at restaurants, and they get the opportunity to try new things.  Instead of ordering 3 child's meals, we gave them a little bit of everything that we ordered.  They ate BBQ pork, baked beans, garlic bread, coleslaw, french fries, and chicken. 
Andrew's baby blue eyes complemented his baby blue shirt.

Jared has perfected the over the shoulder pouty look

Grandmama and Wesley share a moment.

Pardon me...which wine pairs well with the pulled pork?

Andrew is paying close attention to the daily specials.

Jared is putting it away like a pro!

Andrew is just getting warmed up.

Sometimes Wes only uses his fork for balance.

Soon after we headed home and the boys had their baths, then off to bed.  We had lots of fun with Grandmama, and hope she visits again soon!


  1. SO cute..and the boys are just amazing handsome... Loved the update and love the different author :) Why to go Michael

  2. This is a bit odd, but I feel like I know your family so well. I first discovered you on "What to" and found your comments so helpful. I had b/g twins in March this year so really loved reading about your family. Then I saw in one of the posts you have a blog so of course I had to come check it out! Just wanted you to hear a THANK You for all the advice you have provided. If you are interested here is my blog - feel free to check it out.


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