Sunday, September 13, 2009

Individual Outings

We are enjoying our new lifestyle with Daddy assuming the job of Stay At Home Dad. He is doing a wonderful job with the boys. Mostly, I really enjoy having our weekends together as a family. An added benefit to being together on the weekends is the ability to spend some one on one time with the boys.

Daddy does the shopping for our family and he has started taking one of the boys with him to the store. So, the boys can now add Publix to the list of their experiences.

This is a picture of Mike and Andrew leaving on their morning adventure to Publix. Look at how thrilled Andrew looks. The boys know that when they put on shoes, something big is about to happen. The hardest part of these individual outings is to redirect the other two that were not taken out.
Here is a picture of the actual outing. Now, this is the face of a child who is having too much fun...
This is so typical Andrew. When he is out in public, he becomes expressionless. It is quite interesting because he is so expressive and humorous at home but once in public... stoic... he doesn't fuss but he does not crack a smile!
Don't worry, everyone gets a turn to go out on an outing. We rotate the boys so everyone gets a fair shake. Life is good!

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