Thursday, September 17, 2009

New Additions to the Toy Box

With Summer coming to an end, we are met with rainy days and inclement weather. That creates a new challenge of keeping the boys busy while we are stuck in the house. They like to jump, so we need a trampoline of some sort. While browsing we found the Jump-O-Lene, and the tunnel. The Jump-O-Lene is huge, and pulls double duty as a "bounce house" and ball pit. We tried adding 200 balls, but they barely covered the bottom of the JOL. They suggested using at least 600 balls, but the boys enjoy throwing the balls out of the pit, so we might hold off on that for now. The tunnel is a big spring covered in parachute material, and it collapses flat for storage. There are velcro strips on each end, and can be attached to more tunnels or even a tent.

Jared was the first one to jump in.

Getting back out was more of a challange.

Wesley takes a break from jumping.

Jared crawls through the tunnel.

Pictures can't really illustrate how much fun the boys have with their new toys, so here is a video of Team Darnell in action!

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