Friday, September 4, 2009


Ahhh, football season. The boys are quickly becoming fans, and they like to show their support in different ways. They applaud and cheer when people around them do, they know the hand gestures for "touchdown", and of course they wear the appropriate apparel for their favorite teams. In this house that would be the Florida State Seminoles, and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers!

Grandma came for a visit this weekend, and she brought the boys Tampa Bay shirts. We put them on that morning to get psyched up for the big preseason game against Houston that evening. The following photos will illustrate how the boys are becoming fanatics in the making.

In anticipation of the game in 12 hours, we started tailgating that morning.

Andrew practices his touchdown celebration with some "air guitar".

Wes ponders, "Chics dig this, right?"

Andrew on the edge of his seat.

I have this funny feeling that someone is sniffing my behind.

Jared has his game face on.

Well, this is how they wear it for the European League.

Look guys, I'm the Pope! No, I don't know what a "pope" is, either.

I don't think this is right, but I am starting a trend!

C'mon people, I can't hear you. MAKE SOME NOISE!!

Oh, well, it was only a preseason game. We have another shot with the Cowboys next week.


  1. Cute! We love football around here, too, but of course we root for those Cowboys!
    I'll put down that you have dibs on the raincoats, too. ;)

  2. Andrew with his air guitar is awesome!!! I think all the boys in my house is just as happy that it is finally football season... Enjoy!

  3. We are not football fans for the most part but I might just get involved so I can have another reason to shop for outfits for Rylan. They are awesome boys and break it down Andrew with the air guitar.


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