Monday, January 12, 2009

The Boys are 9 Months Old & We Have Another Blog!

Happy Nine Months Darnell Boys!!! Has it really been 9 months? Are we really only 3 months away from our first birthday? Shocking! I keep joking that we no longer have babies but little boys. It is not much of a joke anymore.

The picture above is from today and represents what we see when we are in the kitchen. This is the view from the outside of the play area. Jared and Wesley stand at the ottoman and Andrew is now kneeling at the ottoman. They stand their watching us in the kitchen. Our tooth count is steady at 2 bottom teeth for Jared but could they be any more drooly?????

The personalities of the boys are starting to shine and the joy right now is sitting back and watching the boys "play" with each other and "talk" to each other. Andrew loves to conversation "scream" with anyone. If he squeals/screams and you reply with a squeal/scream he will respond. This will continue until you give up... he will never quit! I love your spirit kidd-o!! This has now become a standard at meal time. The "conversation" will occur between Wesley and Andrew and in true man form they have fully embraced the conversation style of "oneupmanship." What starts as a squeak will turn into a full throttle scream resulting in red faces and neighbors cringing. The best part of watching this exchange is Jared sitting in between the two giggling. He is very amused by his brothers. This is just one example of where the boys are interacting and enjoying each other!

Jared and Wesley are pulling up on anything and everything with great ease. They are both starting to cruise around and are able to ease themselves down from the standing position but would rather fall down because it is faster. Andrew is now getting up on his knees so he is not too far off from standing up as well. He is a little more cautious than his brothers so it is not surprising that he is a little behind in this category but he is catching up quickly! All three boys are crawling with ease. Today I looked up from the play area and found an escapee from our area. The ottoman was moved out a little and the baby count was two. I found Jared near the feeding table and he had the sweetest look on his face almost like he knew he was in uncharted territory and was caught with his hand in the cookie jar!!

Ove the past month, we had started to struggle at nap time and it was taking the boys a long time to fall asleep. With these signs, we decided to modify our schedule a little bit and we have finally settled into our new schedule. We still have two naps but they are each a little later and shorter. I hope to continue moving the morning nap later over the next couple months, shortening the afternoon nap and ease into our first birthday with a one nap schedule. Here is our schedule.....

7:30am - Get-up & 8oz bottle (the boys wake-up before this time but they hang out until we "get-up")
9:00am - Breakfast - Cereal/Fruit
10:30am - Nap (1.5 hr)
12:30pm - Lunch - Cereal/Protein/Veggie/Fruit
2:30pm - 8oz bottle
3:00pm - Nap (1.5hr)
5:30pm - Dinner - Cereal/Protein/Veggie/Fruit
7:00pm - Bedtime Routine - 8oz bottle
7:30pm - Lights out

We are happy to be down to 3 bottles per boy a day. It's nice to only make 9 (+2 for cereal) bottles a day. This is a big change from the 24 bottles we were making in the early days. We have tried sippy cups on a few occasions and we give up easily because they are such pros at holding their bottles. I know we need to keep working on it but I am of the opinion... if it ain't broke, why fix it? I know, they can't start school still using bottles!

The boys are wearing 12-18 month clothing. I am shocked by the sizes they are wearing but I hear that other babies their age are also in larger sizes. We have our 9 month check-up next week and I look forward to getting our updated stats. The boys are wearing size 4 diapers but we have ordered size 5 to start using once the size 4 diapers are gone.

With the boys moving onto the larger sizes, it is time to start purging the smaller size clothes. It is hard to give these items up but I know they are too nice to just sit in a box in our garage. I have started a new blog where we will sell our "Memorabilia." I hope to sell a lot of items to other Boy, Boy, Boy (BBB) triplet families but I will also sell the pieces individually. We hope to raise enough money through these sales to purchase the boys a really great Swing Set! So, if you know someone with BBB triplets, twins or even one baby, please share this site with them so they can "shop" for some of our available items. The site is It can also be accessed through this main site by clicking on the clothing picture on the top of the right column.

I have much more Memorabilia to post but there is enough there to get started!

Happy 9 months boys we love you dearly!

Take care,


  1. Happy 9 months! That is so cool. Love the orange and white shirts.


  2. happy 9 months! what little cuties :)


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