Friday, January 2, 2009

Where will I find the energy to keep up?

2009 is starting off with a bang, a thud, a thump and an occasional cry! These are the sounds that I hear constantly throughout the day! The boys are certainly on the move. I am starting to wonder how I will ever keep up with them through this year.

Wesley is incredibly fearless! He is pulling up on anything and everything. I had previously heard that when babies first learn to stand, it may take a while for them to learn to get down. Not our Wesley! He just dives, falls, plummets to the floor without hesitation. He is also bumping his head on toys, the door, couches, whatever and 99% of the time it does not even slow him down. Oh my, I am envisioning many trips to the ER in my future. He has so much energy in that little body!

We spent Christmas at Grandma's house and as previously posted, the space for the boys to roam was limited compared to what we have at home. When we set the boys down in their play area at home, Wesley lit up and started sprint crawling circles around the room. He was doing this for about 5 minutes before I broke out the camera. The following video is another 2 minutes of his "home again, home again, jiggety jig, dance".....

Jared is also pulling up on anything and everything but is a little more cautious. He will call out for a little help when he wants to get down but will eventually take the plunge to the floor. When his cushioned bottom hits the floor, it startles him and he cries for a couple seconds and then realized he is ok and keeps going. His cautious nature is actually causing him to learn to ease down faster than Wesley. He is now reaching to the floor and bending his knees. He will try to ease down but ends up falling anyway.

In utero, Jared and Wesley were side by side. Now that they are moving around, they are starting to "play" together more and more. They will follow each other around the room, literally crawling over Andrew. The other day, Wesley crawled across the room to the door and Jared followed right behind him. Wesley grabbed a toy and started banging it on the glass. I looked over and Jared grabbed a toy and started banging as well. He was copying Wesley! The boys also have their cribs overlapping in the nursery and they are starting to stand and "chat" before laying down for their naps. By the time I got the camera for this picture, Jared had already sat down but they were both standing. We have since lowered the cribs to their lowest setting. Here are a few pictures of the dynamic duo....

I can already sense that Grandma Sally is saying.... "awww, poor Andrew." Don't worry Grandma, Andrew will not be left out for long. He has been a little slower to get moving and that is ok. I am sure he will be making up for lost time very soon. Yesterday, he finally earned the official "check mark" in the crawling column!!!! Here is a few seconds of his new found mobility......

They will be the "Darnell Triple Threat" or the "Terrible Trio" very soon!! Again, where am I going to find the energy..........

2009 is going be a wild ride!!!

Take care,

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  1. Kellie, I feel like I know you from reading your Blog. I stumbled onto your blog last spring sometime. I have followed you while you were on your journey to the wonderful threesome you were blessed with.

    I just wanted to say, I feel your pain regarding where to find the energy. My babies aren't moving yet, but I often wonder where I will find the energy to handle them and their older brother.

    Congrats on your wonderful family!


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