Wednesday, January 7, 2009

I miss the boys...

I tried to think of some clever title for this post but there is no cute way to say it..... I miss the boys. On Monday night, after putting the boys to bed and once Mike arrived home, I loaded my bag into a rental car and started my drive to Orlando. I arrived in Orlando a little after midnight. After a "nap" and a shower, I was back up to finish my trek down to Miami for a 9:30am meeting.

I spent the morning in meetings and once concluded, our next stop was Port St. Lucie. We arrived and I was able to get some work done in the hotel before actually getting some sleep. Then today, I spent the day in some more meetings and once concluded, we were on our way to Sarasota. I am now in a hotel room in Sarasota. I have again completed some work and I am getting ready to turn in for the night. Tomorrow, I have a full day and once complete, my "rock star" tour of Florida will be completed and I will be traveling HOME to Tally.

I really enjoy getting out into the field and meeting with the clients with whom we work. These visits are the best part of my job and I am happiest when I am in the field offices working with the "community." However, it is not as much fun when I check into the hotel and realize that the boys (Daddy included) are at home and have grown a whole day (or two, or three) older and I have not seen them, hugged them or kissed them good night. Being away from home is getting harder as they are getting older.

Tonight, we arrived at a resturaunt here in Sarasota and while we were waiting for a table, I look down to my phone to see this.....

The message sent with the pic was "We love you mama!" I sure do love these boys AND their Daddy for taking a quick second to send me this pic. I was very tired at the end of the day and this truly put a smile on my face (even if Jared looks like a character from Stephen King's Sleepwalkers).

As we sat through dinner I was thinking of what the boys were doing and I knew they were probably in their jammies and were on their boppys having their bed time bottles. I did not see my phone but when we were walking to the car, I see this message on my phone....

The message with this pic was "Wesley wants a cell phone!" This one made me laugh out loud. I would like to think he was just trying to call Mommy. He saw Daddy talking to me this way and he tried to do the same. He is so gifted :-)

Thank you Daddy for sending these pics because it really made me smile at the end of a long day. I am getting ready to shut down this computer and go to sleep in order to prepare for tomorrow and I can't stop looking at these pics.

I miss you boys and I will be home tomorrow night!


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  1. So cute! It's hard to be away. The first time I left, I think I called 5 times between noon and 6pm!



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