Friday, January 16, 2009

Wesley has gone MAD!!

What is up with the TONGUE?????

Wesley spent the morning with his tongue hanging out like a mad man!! He was doing it for a little while and then I figured he would not keep doing it once I got the camera but I was wrong. He reminded me of one of those dogs from the "Ugliest Dog" contests. Here is a pic of what I am talking about....

Don't worry, Wesley has not gone batty. This funny tongue action was his way of welcoming his first TOOTH!!! That's right, we have finally broken through our tooth plateau. Prior to today, Jared had two teeth and has had them since Thanksgiving. Well, Wesley is finally joining the tooth club with his bottom right tooth. He has not been fussy or irritable so if a hanging tongue is the worst that happens while he is teething, I will take it.

Now we just need to brace ourselves for the day that Andrew starts cutting his first tooth....

Take care,

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