Sunday, January 4, 2009

We Love New York!

Aunt Laurie sent us these great onesies for Christmas and we wore our new outfits for the first time today. The onesies say "I love New York" in Chinese characters. They were purchased in New York City. The shorts have little American flags on them which I thought was very appropriate for these tops. I continue to be amazed at how fast the boys are growing. When we opened the onesies at Christmas, I thought it would take us a little while to grow into them since they are 24 months. We washed them and what do ya know... they fit! The shorts the boys are wearing are also 18 month shorts.... ugh!

Since the gift was addressed to "My Boyfriend and His Brothers," I thought I would toss in an individual photo of the "Boyfriend." He is so happy in his new attire!

Maybe one day the boys will be able to experience New York! Mike and I are planning a trip driving to Texas in the next couple months so once we gain the confidence to do this, we can go anywhere!

Thank you Aunt Laurie!

Take care,

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