Friday, August 14, 2009

Another Sigh....

We change the boys' diapers on the floor or wherever we can grab a hold of them. To do this, we carry the diaper wipe box with us. The boys new favorite activity is to pull the wipes out of the box. While changing one, you have to play defense for the box so it does not fall victim to the tiny pulling hands of one of the other guys. On some days, we are more successful than others. Typically, Mike and I are getting the boys ready for bed by ourselves and then there is the rare occasion that we are actually together. Well, tonight we were together. Even though we were working together, we still let our guard down and Andrew was able to sneak off with the box!
Once we finished bedtime prep with the boys, we were sitting in the family room. We realized the Andrew was unaccounted for and he was very quiet... not like our dear Andrew. I got up to find this......
Oh Andrew! "Wait Mommy, I can explain...."
"See, this is not what you think! It wasn't me, I actually found them like this...."
"And, I am actually trying to pick them up....."
"Wes and Jared, you are making it worse..... she is already mad..... stop!!!"
A good box of wipes down the drain! I am not sure what is so exciting about diaper wipes but these boys love them. We have actually given them some empty boxes to play with but this still does not alleviate the allure of those cool wet wipes. Good times!

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