Saturday, August 1, 2009

The Cure for Cabin Fever

We welcome August with a short break from the near record heat that June and July offered us.  Playing outside wasn't really an option with a heat index of 105 degrees, and 100% humidity.  So it was no wonder that the boys were climbing the walls after being in the house for long periods of time.  It has been cool enough in the mornings to get in some toddler time in the back yard.  The play set has been completed, and we have commissioned it "Fort Darnell".

<--Check it out!  Dual slides, covered fort, rock climbing wall, tire swing, and triple toddler swings.  We are the envy of the neighborhood, and we look forward having the boys wear this thing out.  While they are too small to use most of the features, they do enjoy an occasional swing.  The fort provides a nice backdrop for all of the other activities the backyard has to offer.  The boys also enjoy their inflatable pool, sprinklers, and water and sand table.  The sand has since been removed because it was being eaten by the fistful.
Jared and Wesley investigate the beach ball sprinkler.
 Jared reacts to a spray of cold water.
 Wesley relaxes poolside while Andrew heads for the deep end.

Andrew made it halfway up the slide before gravity took over.
 Swing me higher!
 Playtime is over, Andrew dries off in froggy towel.

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