Saturday, August 15, 2009

Triplet Potpourri

We seem to have a lot of photos that don't make it onto this blog.   There are thousands of candid, cute, or funny pics that just don't correspond with a specific post.  To date we have over 6,000 photos and videos taken with our little digital camera.  Daddy has taken some video with his digital camcorder, but that's another story.  So here are the boys in action!

The boys carefully head out the back door.
Andrew can almost wear Daddy's work boots.
Wes is working on his first million bucks.
Daddy's mess while painting the boy's room.
What does this lever on the side of the couch do?
Someday, Wes, you will have your own.
Andrew, deep in thought.
Veggin' out on the couch.

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